Lords of Chaos. Book of the Damned Vol. 2. A Pathfinder Campaign Setting Supplement. Author • James Jacobs. Cover Artist • Eva Widermann. Interior Artists. PDF: $ Lords of Chaos, Book of the Damned Volume 2, a Pathfinder Campaign Lords of Chaos is a page book that includes. Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Book of the Damned—Volume 2: Lords of Chaos ( Show Description For: Non-Mint. Add PDF $ Print Edition Unavailable.

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Lords of Chaos: Book of the Damned Vol II Publisher's Product Page (Book) Author(s) James Jacobs Publisher Paizo Publishing Price Print: $ PDF: $ J3: Crucible of Chaos is a GameMastery Module designed for four 8th-level characters. By the end of . the illustrious annals of the Pathfinder Chronicles, to say nothing of the untold riches that doubtlessly lie High Lord Mercantile. Master. lords of - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Croaker, Lady, Murgen, One-Eye, Goblin, and a cast of thousands have lived and died as the fierce mercenaries of the Black Compnay have fought, tricked, and - when necessary, fled from - vast armies, powerful wizards, and twisted creatures from other worlds.

This Pathfinder sourcebook takes a detailed look at the magical traditions of the Inner Sea, including rules for magic variants from hideous fleshwarping rituals to the wild and unpredictable surges of primal magic , examinations of how magic is taught be it in schools, temples, guilds, or secret societies , and how the spellcasters of the region have chosen to specialize in various forms of magic.

Additionally, this book presents Pathfinder Campaign Setting:Castles of the Inner Sea Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Castles of the Inner Sea provides a detailed overview of six of Golarion's most storied citadels, bastions that might serve as the setting of entire adventures, homes to allies and enemies, or the headquarters of the land's most capable adventurers. Each features elaborate overview maps and detailed descriptions of the most noteworthy floors, structures, or dungeons.

Famous and infamous castles explored in this page book include: - Castle Everstand, a magically Within you'll find dozens of ready-to-use statblocks and descriptions detailing members of some of the Inner Sea region's best-known factions, ideal for use however you desire.

From merciless Hellknights to noble Eagle Knights, lethal Red Mantis assassins to magic-mastering Arclords, these versatile NPCs work perfectly as villains, rivals, henchmen, or allies. Have the characters you need when y This sourcebook contains 46 new monsters found in the Inner Searegion - all invented specifically for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting.

Some, like the gearsmen of Numeriaor the moth-like star monarchs who serve the goddess of dreams, have been mentioned many times inPathfinder Campaign Setting books, but others like the alien vespergaunt or Rahadoum's desert-dwellingwhirlmaws have only been obliquely illustrated or mentioned before.

Misfit Monsters Redeemed. This book has been announced but has not yet been released. Product details such as release date, authors, cover art, and contents are subject to change.

Gaze into the Abyss! Lords of Chaos is a page book that includes: Complete descriptions of more than 40 demon lords and their terrifying realms, including the demon queen Lamashtu , Mother of Monsters.

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New rules and special abilities for worshipers of individual demon lords. Rules for the demoniac prestige class. Cagrino chitters when he speeks.

Elazalag, Princess of the Abat-Dolors; former consort to Graz'zt. Eblis, a demon lord opposing Graz'zt.

He is allied with Iuz. Levithan, an uncommited demon with no particular sides.

Lugush, a demon prince opposing Graz'zt. Ogrijek, lord of the cowardly four-winged man-hawks zabassus.

He seves Graz'zt, but he is executed by his master. Poshban, a minor demon lord allied with Demogorgon.

Pathfinder lords of chaos pdf download

Mandrillagon , kin to Demogorgon, ruler of two layers of the Abyss. He is cowardly, but powerful.

Meurteenz, a minor demon allied to Demogorgon. Mycortte, a powerful Abat-Dolor demon, who serves as Ezazalag's second in command. Nigroch, an Abat-Dolor warrior, and chief herald.New rules and special abilities for worshipers of individual demon lords.


Echoes of Glory PZO New demonic spells and magic items, plus rules for demonic implants and becoming a demon. Vloorm, a minor demon allied to Demogorgon. Second Darkness PZO Crypt of the Everflame PZO Or just watch the Doubleclicks' audiobook below.