Dominic O'Brien is renowned for his phenomenal feats of memory and for outwitting the casinos of Las Vegas at the blackjack tables, resulting in a ban. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dominic O'Brien is renowned for his phenomenal feats of site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Business & Money. Dominic O\'Brien: (10th August -)Dominic O\'Brien won eight times the World Memory We have an exclusive on this ebook from Dominic O'Brien.

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Dominic O'Brien is the eight times winner of the The World Memory Championships and has a We have an exclusive on this ebook from Dominic O 'Brien. *This title is not eligible for download to earn points nor for redemption with your code in the Reader Rewards program. download the Ebook: Kobo · Barnes & Noble. Dominic O'Brien, eight-times World Memory Champion, outlines in simple language Accelerate Your Learning, Memorise Key Facts, Revise Effectively ebook.

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Dominic O'brien: Sort By: Filter Sort. Sorted By: Top Matches. Filtered By:. Grid List. Order By: Ships within weeks Available in stores. A complete practical system for improving your memory with a unique journey map and 50 flash cards packed with tips, techniques and mind-expanding tests In this highly original publishing package Dominic O'Brien reveals the secrets of mastering the art of memory….

English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention dominic brien harry lorayne journey method memory techniques recommend this book really work dominic system applying the techniques memory training techniques that really book really read the book memory book methods numbers learn number words improve mnemonics.

Showing of 88 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. This little gem is packed with all sorts of tricks to make short-term memory a snap. And let's face it, short-term is mostly what we use. After we've bought the groceries, how much longer do we need to remember that shopping list?

This is not to say you can't stretch some memorized facts to a much longer term, like to the end of the school year for that final exam, or retaining seldom-seen people's names for as long as you work for that big company. The book is a fresh take, with new ideas, on the older memory books sold by Harry Lorayne who built upon a history of two thousand years of memory techniques. At the heart of it, though, you're still using your imagination and wild, absurd, comical images to relate a fact you need to memorize to a place, an event, a number, or something called "memory of loci" such as rooms in your house, etc.

Kudos to Dominic for bringing the latter back after the Middle Ages suppressed it. Dominic adds some fresh ideas to the established ways, or reintroduces methods that Harry and those before him didn't mention. An example of the former: Or the latter, as an extended acronym: One place where the book is seriously in error is section 44, Binary Numbers.

Dominic does the obvious, turning triplets into base 10 numbers. Unfortunately, he apparently has never written a computer program, nor even just a small script. If you don't know binary, don't worry. For the rest of us, encountering this section is like driving down the highway at high speed then suddenly throwing the tranny into Park. Something akin to a controlled crash, and it is seriously distracting.

Dominic writes: I think most of us will recognize that 0 and 1 are correct, but 2 through 7 are something from Behind the Looking Glass that Alice must have lent to Dominic.

I used a lot of white-out on these pages and elsewhere that reference them.

Though not "wrong," Dominic flies in the face of centuries, sometimes millenia, in other sections. For days of the week, he uses Sun-Sat values of 1,2,3,4,5,6,0. Mathematicians have for centuries used 0,1,2,3,4,5,6.

Dominic's premise remains intact, but his make-your-own-road reinvention requires us to forget what we've learned since childhood, ignore what the world has used for hundreds of years, and learn a new ordinal system for days of the week. Yes, I did some serious editing of this section to bring his written work and ideas inline with the customary ordinal system. The same can be said for his numeral mnemonics.

I have to take serious exception to his choices, not because he's thrown away the centuries-old Mnemonic Major System, but because his system does not permit the full phonetic sounds of the Engish language to be used.

There's no M, N or R. True, I would have to unlearn what I already know, what millions of people know, and drop the Major System to adopt Dominic's, but with such weakness apparent in his choices, why would I? It was too much effort to edit his text in these chapters, so I just took the high points which are very good, by the way , and applied them to the the de facto standard used for centuries. Would I recommend the book?

If you haven't been taught any memory techniques or ordinal sets, or studied these on your own, then yes! The books is fresh and modern and has great ideas for tricks you can use assuming you're willing to go at this as a paid-for course and set aside time each week to concentrate on it.

If you now other de facto standards, examples of which I've given above, then my recommendation is "maybe.

But I stumbled a great deal in many sections, so much so that I found myself arguing with Dominic in my mind rather than concentrating on what I was reading. It took a great deal of effort to get to the end. Worth my time, but maddening all the same. I loved this book so much, and I will tell you why, but because I have read so many other books and spent time applying the techniques I will say that This book could be better. The pro's of this book are that it is essentially a list of techniques that if you memorize you can apply quickly to whatever your learning.

I'm in college so having this list memorized has been very helpful. But the author could have done much better and here is why. There were many chapters that seemed like repeats or basically useless.

For instance: I still connect nothing to facial features, the chapter failed to get me to do such a feat. And the names process is more difficult than it needs to be.

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The author recommends putting a face in a place, but it is better to look at the name first because you can always look at them twice and silently work their face into your memory. So the name Chris with a crystal, or Gary with a berry is much quicker than what the author has you do. Better to get a quick link to name and then do some secondary process afterword.

The author reccomends you picture different words in different countries based on the gender. So for Spanish La feminine and El masculine go in seperate countries.

The problem is two fold, one is that there are two forumlas "Omas" "aCionDad" that tells you the male vs. The second issue is that it's easier to memorize simple words using a two images. So a grocery "cart" and a "match for fire are pictured. That's much quicker and easier.

Dominic O'brien

It tells you to use the journey method. That is a waste of space.

Maybe I'll incorporate more, but for now I will only use the Person. For those wondering what it is It's just a way to remember number easier. People instead of numbers are used and it works very well, but will take you forever to learn if your not using it. And the author delivered even though there are some issues. This is not a book to shake a stick at, it's just a book that isn't perfect. This book delivers and for that it gets 5 stars all day every day.

How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week

Some of my criticisms come from the view point of a college student who is already experienced in mnemonics. I'd download it and run through the practices if I were you. All methods in this book really work with me and the size of the books is small so it makes very practical to bring everywhere you go. The methods they provide here are creative and really works.

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Although it might look really simple but it could make a something complex to remember looks easy. This book maybe doesn't really works for students as you use your memory frequently because you might get your evaluation in the master level.

But learning the methods in this books might be a very useful in case you really need to remember your to-do list or any kind of long list you have. I love this process of gaining knowledge through memory. Dominic is the world champ and he shows us in laymen terms how to strengthen your memory. I also like Harry Lorayne's 'Ageless Memory'. Recommended download. This is the written version of Quantum Memory Power audiobook. I like this because it's more tangible for me.Crystal Andrus Morissette.

The result was a slight edge over the casino which lasted as long as it took for him not to get banned. Find Your Success Code.

Repeat the process for as many moves as required. Why is it so effective? Carolyn Boyes. I've recommended it to several people.