CLEAR BODY. CLEAR MIND. THE EFFECTIVE PURIFICATION PROGRAM. BASED ON RESEARCH BY L. RON HUBBARD. INTO THE EFFECTS OF TOXINS. Our brand new edition of Clear Body, Clear Mind contains the solution. The truth is, our world is swimming in toxic substances: recreational and pharmaceutical. No file by this name exists, but you can upload one. The junk science behind L. Ron Hubbard's absurd and dangerous Purification Rundown. Bad Science at its .

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mental and spiritual damage done by drugs, to detoxifying the body of Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program tells one exactly how this. Clear Body, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard gives a full description of the Purification Program, an all-natural regimen designed to eliminate the accumulated. Clear Body Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program [L. Ron Hubbard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Find out about the only.

Conditions that are claimed by Scientologists to respond to the program include cancer , AIDS , heart problems , kidney failure , liver disease and obesity. The Executive Director of the Church of Scientology was involved in creating the Foundation and later described it as a "front group".

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The Foundation funded research and published articles by Scientologists hailing the effectiveness of Hubbard's procedures. HealthMed, an ostensibly independent organization, used this material to promote the Rundown to public agencies all over the state. Both bodies were strongly criticized by a group of physicians from the California Department of Health Services.

Food and Drug Administration which accused Steinman of distorting facts. Everett Koop , the former Surgeon General of the United States , also criticized the book, recommending that the public stay away from Hubbard's "detoxification" procedure. The report described the key assumptions of the program as unscientific and inaccurate. None of them endorsed the program's effectiveness and some explicitly described it as dangerous.

Several said that no peer-reviewed research on the rundown had been published in any medical journal. They also struggle with disconnecting from their thoughts and worries, which can drive someone into exhaustion.

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Mindfulness is vital for people struggling, as a way to direct attention on the present experience. Mindfulness and Health. The body calms down when the mind recognizes what it is feeling Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is another example of mindfulness-based therapies.

It is a structured course which offers its participants a new lease on life, health, and well-being. By disrupting past patterns of thought, these approaches slow the heart rate and calm the breath, which continues to relax the body and then flood the body with more pleasant neurotransmitters. This, in turn, creates a positive feedback loop.

She explains how focusing on our toes can help reduce negative thoughts. As Kerr explains, mindfulness starts with the body and noticing the details of what sensations we feel, say, starting with our toes. Our sensory attentional system is one gateway to a richer mind-body connection—and the health of an attuned human. Meditation In traditional meditation, the main focal point for attention training is on the inhalation and exhalation of air through the nose.

This helps the body relax, resulting in less anxious, depressed and angry. Below is one example of the meditation resources available. It is a traditional meditation practice which focuses on training the attention on the breath.

Even 3-minutes of meditation can ease a stressed brain. Maybe before eating dinner, or upon waking up, there is time for you to reset your brain. Relaxation Techniques There are times to be alert and stressed. A lot of the time, however, we do not need the hyper-alert sensation of stress. How do we help ourselves relax? There are many ways. Progressive Muscle Relaxation PMR is one example of relaxation therapy which is known to build body intelligence. PMR teaches us to systematically tense and then release muscles, working on one muscle group at a time.

This process results in reduced physical stress and tension by increasing our focus on the body.

There are other relaxation techniques including the Body Scan and other forms of self-care. Biofeedback A pioneering technique for building body intelligence is biofeedback.

This is the use of scientific and physiological monitoring of the body to effectuate awareness of body states with electrodes. The evidence supporting biofeedback has been strong; it can reduce certain disorders such as high blood pressure and migraines. One of the most significant perks of biofeedback is the self-direction that it elicits.

The slow and steady pace of the movements helps relax us and reduce physical stress. They also create a focused state of mind which helps with negative emotions. Positive Psychology and Body-Mind Integration In two recent studies, mind-body techniques helped with depression in children and adults.

A study by Staples, Atti, and Gordon highlighted significant improvements in depressive symptoms and a lowered sense of hopelessness for Palestinian children and adolescents in a session mind-body skills group.

These mind-body skills included meditation, guided imagery, breathing techniques, autogenic training, biofeedback, genograms, and self-expression through drawings and movement. After 7 months, the improvements still helped with ongoing hardships and conflicts.

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Even the doomed sense of hopelessness was lifted. Yoga as Mind-Body Integration.

A mind-body treatment plan seems necessary for this condition. Park claims that these findings support why body-mind treatments should be integrated into clinical psychology.

With all the evidence showing the impact of mind-body treatments in treating mental disorders , improving mental health, and fostering better physical health, why are these practices not common practice in clinical psychology yet?

Positive psychologists are ready for this holistic approach to well-being to becomee mainstream. Going Forward Body-mind integration is largely an untapped resource in the field of psychology.

There are several different theories on mind-body integration as it relates to medical and psychological issues, and with more research, it may only be a matter of time before most psychologists incorporate these techniques. If the mind and body are truly integrated, rather than one side simply responding to the other, then a deeper body-mind connection is key for overall physical and mental health. One next step to strengthen these studies is to measure well-being by explicitly measuring physical well-being as well as mental well-being.

For example, teaching resilience to clients, or practicing self-care for ourselves, align with these goals to care for our bodies and mind.

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A Take Home Message The mind and the body are the greatest tools we possess to achieve positive well-being. Contact Think Clearly Discover the all-natural regimen designed to free you from the negative mental and physical effects of accumulated drugs and toxins in your system—forever. Tired or drained of energy for no apparent reason? Wooden or even lifeless? I have more energy and I am much more outgoing and happy. When I first started the Purification Programme, I had a lot of things which were sort of clinging to me and weighing me down.

It was like an everpresent gloom. I am separated from that now.

I also used to have this terror stomach with negative thoughts and now they are gone. I even had makeup come out of my skin.Added to this are the pain pills, tranquilizers, psychiatric and other medical drugs and prescribed by doctors.

None of them endorsed the program's effectiveness and some explicitly described it as dangerous. The angry body prepares itself for conflict by focusing attention and resources on the parts of the body that might have to act.

This may be because the focus of contempt is outside of the self and the judgment of others. Some doctors who have observed the treatment have been impressed by the testimonials but asked for evidence that improvements are caused by the program itself rather than suggestion , delusion or the placebo effect.

Purification Rundown

Running was a sport I always avoided. Mind-body skills groups for posttraumatic stress disorder and depression symptoms in Palestinian children and adolescents in Gaza. Duperly, J. Even 3-minutes of meditation can ease a stressed brain.