Web site:! Manual/Win Page 1 Tuesday, May 27, PM .. A B O U T T H E 8 2 8 M K I I. 20 inputs and 22 outputs. All mkII. This page provides links to printed product manuals in PDF form. For additional es, User Guide, , MOTU Pro Audio resources page. mk3. ! Manual/Win Page 1 Wednesday, February 28, PM If the outlet you are planning to use for the MOTU is of the two prong type, DO NOT.

Motu 828 Mk2 Manual Pdf

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View and Download MOTU mkII user manual online. for Macintosh. mkII Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Hi all, For some obscure reason there is no pdf version of motu mkII manual ( or any product manual) for download in motu website. MOTU mkII User Manual They've finally made it available in a downloadable PDF version. Mac:

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When first came out all kept saying is that it was going change face computer integration with audio interfaces and in some ways it did just that. As a stand-alone mixer, the MkII can sum all the inputs to a stereo pair and up to four simultaneous mixes can be run, each feeding a different output pair.

This could be useful in setting up a couple of alternative monitor cue mixes, for example. Computer-free use is made possible by the six rotary encoders on the front panel where their values, levels or parameter names are shown in the display window.

All six DSP section encoders and the level knob have integral push switches for confirming operations or toggling between modes.

Using the DSP section, up to 16 mix presets can be stored and recalled. Back in mixer mode, the LCD shows the settings for the current mix, where the two lines of characters become two lines of tiny faders.

When something is adjusted, the display temporarily 'zooms' in on this parameter while it is being adjusted and the time the display takes to revert to normal after adjustment can also be changed by the user. The Cursor knob scrolls through the 20 possible inputs while the Value knob adjusts their settings. Because the MkII stores Cuemix settings when disconnected from the computer, you can save desired mixes, complete with default pan and gain settings, then make changes from the front panel if necessary when the interface is being used as a stand-alone mixer.

At its simplest, this would allow you to rehearse via the MkII in your studio without needing to boot up the computer. The ability to run four separate mixes simultaneously adds to the MkII's flexibility. Mixes may be named and the settings include levels, pan positions, mute and solo settings.

Mix 1 can be routed directly back into a computer input, which makes it easy to mix back to a spare stereo track of the software. This is a useful option where you may be using external MIDI synths that need to be added back into the final mix.

In Use I've always appreciated that MOTU hardware generally installs and runs without any problems, and though there was a little initial delay in supporting the Mac OS X platform which was as much due to the changing nature of OS X as anything , the drivers MOTU have come up with are rock solid in my system.

The current OS X driver is v1. The mic amps, while not in the 'silly money' quality bracket, are the equal of what you'd expect to find in just about any well designed small mixer, and being able to get at them on the front panel makes life a lot easier when the MkII is mounted in a rack. It's also handy being able to plug a guitar directly into the interface, especially if you have a software modelling amp plug-in to process it with.

The instrument inputs work well and are creditably quiet in use.


I always liked the sound of the original and the MkII's converters sound, if anything, fractionally better still, so there are no complaints in that department. Obviously you can get better results using audiophile converters that cost around the same as a family hatchback car, but these are pretty good. Also in the display section is an indication of the current clock rate, the digital lock status of the interface and SMPTE activity.

And of course the old didn't support high sample rates. Cuemix Console is a simple but visually stylish and functional piece of software that handles mixing within the MkII, either in conjunction with, or independently of your host sequencer program.

It can take care of latency-free direct monitoring, and as it mixes using the DSP chips inside the MkII, it doesn't tax the host software. Although modern computers are now so fast that latency is seldom an issue, it's still nice to be able to set up zero-latency monitoring for the benefit of those performers who are very sensitive to even a few milliseconds of delay, and the ability to mix without a computer is great if you just need to plug in a mic and a guitar for rehearsals.

Setting up a mix using small assignable controls isn't as quick as on a conventional mixer, but it's pretty straightforward. Though I can't see anybody downloading an MkII who doesn't already have software to run with it, the bundled Audiodesk is actually pretty sophisticated if you only need audio recording and mixing capabilities, and because it runs without a physical dongle, it is ideal for live laptop recording. It is based on the audio recording and editing side of MOTU's flagship Digital Performer package, so it's not a toy by any means.

The MkII is a definite step up from the original , adding to the original feature set considerably while trimming the price. The front-panel mic amp inputs, improved metering and high sample-rate support are all welcome, and while not everyone will need the DSP mixing facilities, it certainly doesn't hurt to have them.

As a satisfied user myself, I'm now looking for an excuse to upgrade! Although the Audiodesk recording software is only available for Mac, all the other key features outlined in the main review text still apply within a PC context.

I was able to test the MkII with both desktop 2. The review unit was supplied with version 3. Using the laptop, the only very trivial! The performance of the MkII was excellent when tested with both Reason v2.Multiple user arrangement without prio r written consent of d translate, they charge usually per paper copy Thanks, MA Business voice fax When you arrange carry out install not forget device manager will generally offer most revised info about driver module version, turn off device mk3.

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