I found phichamhokouda.ga where I can get: [edit Mar02] DP_vpdf - Main Rules [edit. Dungeon Plungin' is a fantasy board game of exploration and adventure. It has a In play you build a party of adventurers, then build a dungeon as you go, following the scenario specific rules. pdf Dungeon Plungin Extra Monster Standees. Dungeon Plungin' is a gmless, fantasy, dungeon crawl game for players. Get all the news about it here! Board Statistics. Threads and Posts. Total Threads.

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Game Masterless Dungeon Crawling. Version Written by: Bobby Dungeon Plungin' draws on those cherished memories. Add to that a look reminiscent. Characters phichamhokouda.ga ( KB). Play as a Dwarf with these additional rules for Dungeon Plungin, includes standees. Many of the Game files are linked in. Witch of the West Wood (Level 2) In the dark depths of the West Woods a vile Witch has been terrorizing the village Idylbrook. With her powerful wand she has .

The Starting tile for this Dungeon also has a gate, but the Witch has made the gates in the Cauldron room one way only, so you cannot go directly to the Cauldron room from the starting tile if you re-enter the Dungeon.

Remember to Mark the Map Maker well, as you may come and go from this Dungeon a few times. In each of the back corners is a magic gate which allows you to leave this room in a hurry.

The Witch begins in a tile adjacent to the Cauldron on the opposite side of the great door. Setup The witch automatically detects the heroes as they enter the room. The witch will move randomly roll dice for the coordinates around the room and use her wand to cast a random spell for each Action. Roll a D4 to determine the spell she casts. If a Hero can make a melee attack she will be forced to use her Attack stat for any return attack this turn.

Description: This Green skinned hag, floats above the ground, waving her wand and flitting all over the place. Spells 1. Puff Frogs A difficulty 3 Spell that targets a 3x3 block of squares on the current Tile. The Witch gestures with her hands and a hole in the ceiling drops a horde of frogs into the room.

The Puff frogs latch on to any character occupying the squares below. They quickly puff up and explode. This causes 2 points of damage to all Characters within the target block. Each Character may make a Defense roll but must ignore bonuses for Armour and Shields. The Witch rapidly points her wand at all the O-Wee-Os.

They turn to blurs of color, as they now attack faster than normal. Slow - A difficulty 3 Spell that targets all the Heroes on the current Tile. The room is filled with a faint booming sound.

[Descent/Ravenloft]Song of Gold and Darkness a good compromise?

All Heroes must use 1 less dice for all actions this Action Phase. Singe A difficulty 2 Spell that targets a Hero up to 6 squares away. A magical energy bolt leaps from the Witchs fingers towards any one target.

Which Hero that is attacked depends on which Monster is activated first? It will move and attack the nearest Hero and the rest will follow behind. If the Heroes leave the room then the Monsters will follow unless the Heroes outrun them by having two doorways between them and the Monsters. Description: Do not be deceived by their cute appearance.

Dungeon Plungin V3.1

These sharp toothed arboreal rodents have been altered by the witch and will attack anyone that comes near. Law: Pack- All Monsters of a type will move and attack a single Hero together.

These sharp toothed burrowing rodents have been altered by the witch and will attack anyone that comes near.

Law: Brutal -Once a monster detects the Heroes it will always move and attack the nearest Hero. Description: Dire Ducks are ferocious and unrelenting.

The only thing going against them is that they are ducks so have a small mind and will eventual forget about you. Description: Created by the witch with her magic wand. Flying Monkeys serve mostly as scouts and guards. She sends them out to attack the nearby village in large groups. If it survives a turn, it will always attack a different Hero usually the next nearest.

Description: O-Wee-O are mindless servants of the witch, created from her Cauldron.

O-Wee-Os are completely loyal to her and stomp around her lair attacking any intruders. Items Potion of Healing This is a onetime use item. The dosage contained within the vial is enough to instantly return 1d4 Life to the Hero up to the current maximum.

Antidote This is a onetime use item. The dosage contained within this small vile is enough to completely reverse the effects of any Hero who has been poisoned while adventuring. Potion of Revival This is a onetime use item. When used on a dead Hero, he revives with full life. Banana Grenade Flying Monkeys love bananas! So a bomb shaped like a banana is the perfect bait for them.

To use the banana grenade you must make a successful ranged attack against a flying monkey regardless of damage. Add cracks and blemishes, remove some of the foam to depict missing tiles. Any tiles that are loose and protrude over the floor level are now cut out of the thick cardboard and glued in place using the wood glue. Let dry. Cover all the areas which show open ground with wood glue and cover with sand or soil.

Onwards to painting. I followed my usual routine for the stone floor and the wood. If you used soil, you can leave it at this or add more variation with pigments, just as I did with my Crypt module.


Here we go. Some simple Dungeon tiles. Obviously they lack a three-dimensional feeling.

This is why I improved on the design and integrated the walls in the Crypt module. I still think they will be used till I replaced them all with the new design. For some of you guys this design will be more practical, as you can store them easily and add all kinds of details like pillars etc.

If you would like a constantly updated, themed PDF terrain building, painting and roleplaying guide consider supporting me on Patreon.

There also other choice rewards for supporters.To see if you hit the target in either case you roll a number of D6s equal to your Attack stat plus your weapons Attack Bonus. I think what makes Descent worth the while, when desiring a dungeon crawl game, is actually based on its complexity.

Advance the plot counter and start the next Action Phase. A Character that is incapacitated must make a RES roll on their next turn and get 2 successes.

There may not just be a basement behind those doors, in fact they may lead to different areas altogether. The Puff frogs latch on to any character occupying the squares below.

Description: Do not be deceived by their cute appearance.