Lucidchart's free ER diagram tool makes database modeling fast, efficient, and collaborative. Start from scratch or with a template to easily draw ER diagrams. By Jennifer R. Buettner # EBOOK EPUB site PDF. Read Download Online Fast Facts. For The Er Nurse: Emergency Department. The contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice. No part of this instruction manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without.

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PDF Download, free and safe download. PDF Download latest version: Choose how to open PDF files in Firefox for free. of free intraperitoneal fluid. It is important to note, however, that the FAST examination is a FAST examination to help determine a patient's volume status and fluid responsiveness. Although it is not .. er may be necessary. For adults, mean. Ellipses Juan Obarrio Return Here I am again, back in the ER. Ellipses fast undercurrents, rapid flows in the corridors of your veins, the velocity of change.

Students continue to study all species for their Dr role, but also look up more details for their own species that poisoned them so they will be able to answer a variety of morphological questions about it from the doctor. Day of class. Pair up students. Each student is allowed to use smart phones, tablets, computers if they want. They can use their species list and any other materials and notes they have developed. Students take turns being either sick patient or doctor.

The doctor can ask anything that can be answered with those answers. The goal is for the doctor to figure out what plant the patient got sick from as quickly as possible, with as few questions as possible, and not more than 20 questions.

This is just like the well-known game 20 questions. To do this the doctor has to think about ways to divide up the toxic plants on the list into larger groups and keep excluding species based on their morphology red berries?

As the patient and Dr are asking and answering the questions, both students write down all questions on their worksheets. This counts the questions and also help the doctor remember what has already been asked. Usually students figure out the plant in about questions. When they have played both roles, they are done for class and hand in their worksheet. I grade based on participation, not based on fewest number of questions to get the right answer.


Undergraduate and graduate students at Rutgers playing the ER toxic plant role play in the class Plant Diversity and Evolution taught by Dr. Lena Struwe. Printed in USA. Blood samples The nutritional composition of the breakfast meals is were again collected on the evening of admission and at noon the shown in Table 1.

The investigators randomly assigned the sub- day of the two experimental treatments. Afterward the investigators took blood samples This latter measurement was also significantly greater than that 15 mL and discharged the children at The MFFT assessed competence in discriminating significant differences between this latter value and that of the among similar visual stimuli. The number of correct responses preceding evening 4.

The two levels of difficulty were determined the BR 1. Other studies have shown surements at noon was statistically significant. Glucose, as noted that errors in the MFFT are correlated negatively with educa- below, was associated with cognitive test performance; however, tional achievement test scores 10 and positively with anxiety the other metabolic indicators were not see Figures 1 and 2. The test consists of been fasting.

In addition, the magnitude of the difference in glu- six cards presented sequentially, each with a drawing of an ani- cose concentrations at between those who ate breakfast and mal and an object eg, car. At the beginning of An analysis of the incidental scores on the HCIT was restricted the test the child is told to pay attention only to the animals, as to the first day of admission because of the potential transfer of the objects are incidental to the task.

As expected, the inci- Two scores are generated: central ie, correct recall of ani- dental score was significantly higher after NBR than after BR. In other studies, However, the HCIT yielded an unexpected finding; recall of the last incidental scores correlated positively with anxiety 11 and neg- central item in the series was significantly better after the overnight atively with age A test of verbal intelligence [ie, Peabody and morning fast than after breakfast consumption.

Moreover, the Picture Vocabulary Test PPVT 14 ] was included in experi- subjects whose glucose values fell below the median for the respec- ment 1, whereas experiment 2 used the Slossum Intelligence tive distribution were also more likely to show the recency effect Scale The investigators in experiment 1 tested blood samples for b- Neither the IQ test nor the continuous performance task hydroxybutyrate BHB , glucose, lactate, and fatty acids.

Mea- showed any effects of treatment. The sex of the subjects also had surements were obtained at the evening of the admission no effect on the scores on any of the tests administered. Experiment 2 restricted the bio- Experiment 2: results The mean glucose concentration 5. The difference in the respective insulin values on those 2 Nutritional composition of dinner and breakfast in experiments 1 and 21 d BR: Energy kJ On the day of BR, neither Fat g 20 16 glucose nor insulin concentration correlated with performance.

Mean plasma biochemical values determined at preceding breakfast BR and at on the day of treatment for both breakfast BR and no breakfast NBR conditions. Blocks with different letters are significantly different from each other.

The nutritional content cognitive tests or show any sex effects on performance. A diet soda without Subjects and methods This experiment included well- and undernourished children whose parents, unlike those of the participants in experiments 1 and 2, had neither a college education nor a middle-class income.

The families were lower-middle class by Peruvian stan- dards. The subjects were 23 undernourished and 29 well-nour- ished 9—y-old boys. Mean glucose and insulin concentrations for both break- jects as their own controls.

The procedures in experiment 3 fast BR and no breakfast NBR conditions determined at the pre- closely followed the same protocol as the others but with small ceding day and at on the day of treatment. Blocks with different variations in the motor activity schedule.

Outcomes are number of errors and decision time. Intercept is a measure of scanning time, and slope reflects the temporal increment from block to block.

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Among those with an IQ below the median of the respective distributions, the number of correct responses was higher under the BR than under the NBR condition. Downloaded from www.

The difference in favor of the NBR condition was restricted to the last item in the card series, indicating a stronger recency effect for NBR. For glu- also affected among the nutritionally at-risk subjects; decision cose determinations, blood samples were taken at after the time was shorter on the day they ate breakfast than on the day two treatments. The expected and observed results of the three experiments The SMST requires the subject to memorize one or more stim- are compared in Table 2.

The four tests of cognition have been uli per trial and decide whether a new stimulus is present or classified into visual attention and working memory, whereas the absent trials.

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Theory predicts Scale have been excluded. The analysis is therefore restricted to that increments in the size of the ensemble predict time incre- 16 comparisons slope; see Table 2. Eight of the comparisons ments from one decision to the next. Thus, the outcome of the followed the expected direction, whereas two yielded unex- test is measured in speed rather than retrieval errors.

In particu- pected results.

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Contrary to predictions, the subjects in experi- lar, the outcomes include the intercept and the slope of the ment 1 showed a higher recency effect after NBR than after BR, regressions of decision time on block size separately for new and the subjects without nutritional risk in experiment 3 were stimulus present or absent. Finally, six com- The SDT task was to select a match for one geometric stimu- parisons showed no directional effects.

The subject had to correctly score 72 trials by the end of the test. Outcomes were decision time, movement time, and number of errors. However, the NBR treatment among the at-risk children; their speed in scan- intraindividual changes in lactate, BHB, and fatty acid concen- ning memory was comparatively slower than that of the BR trations observed in experiment 1 suggest that the extended fast group after the overnight and morning fast.

However, the at-risk was stressful. None of these cantly different from zero. Performance on the SDT test was correlations was observed on the day the subjects ate breakfast.

The no-risk children were thus rather atypi- gen. The quantitative aspects of the metabolic profile suggest cal. We would have to learn their sociopsychologic, medical, and that fasting had, relative to the BR condition, diminished plasma nutritional history to better understand their resilience to the insulin concentrations and elevated plasma cortisol and cate- effects of fasting.

It remains to be determined whether the metabolic 1. Pollitt E. Does breakfast make a difference in school? Brief fasting, stress, and cogni- Downloaded from www. Of anecdotal importance is that, in tion.

Am J Clin Nutr ;— Fasting and cognitive any of the administered cognitive tests. This lack of consistency function. J Psychiatr Res —83;— Breakfast prevents delays of attention in the relation between glucose and performance in the three and memory functions among growth-retarded children.

J Appl Dev experiments also places into question the validity of the meta- Psychol in press. But the results of the 5.

A fast algorithm for joint reconstruction of ancestral amino acid sequences.

Food Nutr Bull that metabolic changes mediate the effects of fasting on cogni- ;— Sternberg 21 determined that the rate of scanning from 6.But, are not we all?

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Now I am constantly checking for signs, symptoms: Learning goals: Become familiar with common toxic plants both in outdoor and indoor environments in Northeastern United States. The analysis is therefore restricted to that increments in the size of the ensemble predict time incre- 16 comparisons slope; see Table 2.

A year before I had wandered through these very same corridors. Intercept is a measure of scanning time, and slope reflects the temporal increment from block to block. I feel light, as though I am evaporating.